General Assistance

General Assistance
As an encouragement, members children who have obtained not less than 7As in SPM examination and apply to the Society by 31st May of the same year will be awarded an incentive sum of RM1000/- per student. - Education.

As a further encouragement, member’s children 3As and above in STPM examination will be offered monthly allowance of RM50/- upon their application to the Society. This benefit will commence from the date of application - Education

Senior members who have held membership for not less than 20 years and are 73 years of age will be offered a monthly allowance of RM50/- upon their application to the society. This benefit will commence from the date of application. - GENERAL

A death benefit sum equal to the subscribed share capital not exceeding RM4,000/- shall be paid to the beneficiaries or nominees of the deceased members. - Healthcare

Handicapped members or their handicapped children who are unable to work and are not in receipt of any other aid will be offered a monthly financial assistance provided the make an application to the society (only children of members below the age of 18 years will be considered). - Healthcare

Members who do not have their own houses may register themselves with the society for a low cost house. Assistance will be given to them for purchasing their own houses when housing schemes are implemented in their region. - General

Members who have held membership with the society for not less than 5 years will be eligible for a wedding gift of RM500/- for the first marriage he or she will have to apply to the society with their wedding card or marriage registration certificate. - GENERAL

Members with more than 6 children who are currently being educated may apply for educational assistance.- Education