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The economic scenario of the post-independence era in the 60's created a situation where unemployment occurred when European-owned rubber estates were sold to local entrepreneurs who in turn fragmented and sold them for profit thus resulted in loss of employment for the Estate Workers.

In an effort to rectify the problem, the Malaysian Indian Congress, spearheaded by the late Tun Dr. V. T. Sambanthan, and some concerned citizens, established the National Land Finance Co-Operative Society (NLFCS) to purchase estates that were being sold for fragmentation and to safeguard the employ...


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Scholarship Fund(TSSF)

A Scholarship foundation started in

Loan Facilities

All members children can apply for

Assistance for widows

If a member unfortunately passes aw

Educational Assistance

If either father or mother has been

Medical Assistance

Members who unfortunately have to g

General Assistance

As an encouragement, members childr

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